Birthday Parties

Beach Themed Parties

Sit back, relax and know your party will be amazing with as little stress as possible.

You can relax on the beach or beachside restaurant (I can recommend a few!!) while the children are experiencing new and exciting outdoor activities or I can host an indoor beach craft party at home or a venue of your choice.


We can recommend beaches, restaurants, cafes and other venues to host your party or you let us know where you would like the party.

Ocean friendly

Not only are our birthday parties fun & creative but, they raise awareness about the importance of ocean conservation from the planning stages.

We all know birthday parties are a plastic minefield, with throwaway plates, cutlery, napkins and not to mention the party goody bags?

We have a sustainable approach by providing reusable tableware and all your cleaning up is taken care of by us.

Our craft party bags are made up of sustainably sourced items to take away or we source items for you to give to the children after a day at the beach.

Event Logistics

Myself and my team will take care of all the necessary logistics, including reusable tableware, crafting materials, setup, and cleanup. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and organised environment during and after our events.

Outdoor Beach Parties

We can organise a range of activities for all ages at the beach for a fun and memorable party, see Beach School Explorers main page for more ideas.   You can bring along a picnic and we can provide the reusable tableware and clean up, or you can get a packed lunch delivered to your party from a local café or restaurant.

We will organize a range of age-appropriate crafting activities suitable for children between 6 and 11 years old. These activities will not only entertain the children but also enhance their creativity and artistic skills.

Inside Crafting Parties

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I look forward to hearing from you to create your unique party to make memories you or your children.

Hands on learning in groups, or individually. Children love to play at the beach and much of that play involves exploring the natural environment, being curious and discovering real life treasures (sea glass and shark teeth are a few of our favourite things!). We then identify and learn about them at the beach.

Beach School is a completely unforgettable way for children to immerse themselves in the wonders of the ocean, rivers and coastlines. We aim to improve the knowledge of their local coastal environment by connecting them with nature; opening their eyes to this amazing world and inspiring them to care about the future of our earth.